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Re: Pick-up truck - Buriram service centres
« Reply #30 on: February 13, 2018, 06:33:57 AM »
Hey Hermit, great choice. I bought one of the first V Cross models about 6 years ago. Same spec as yours. Only done about 50K kms in that time. Touch wood, not a single thing has gone wrong with it. Got Australian pickup of year award about same time I bought it. So impressed with it that I also bought the MuX about 2 years ago.

If same as mine re illumination. I have an english manual. IGN on , Press and hold button on LH stork. Illumination will come up with Auto and Manual. Default is Auto Normal. Click same button to scroll down to Manual. Hold again same button to bring up +Illumination-   . click to change. Long click to confirm or leave it be and eventually the screen will disappear.

PM me if you require more info, great pickup.

OK, tin hats on awaiting inbound from Hilux lovers.

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Re: Pick-up truck - Buriram service centres
« Reply #31 on: February 17, 2018, 03:14:04 PM »
Ah, Thanks Phantom that did the trick.  For the benefit of anyone else without an English manual, mine is slightly different to yours:
 - 'select mode' screen on the dashboard display
 - press and hold LH stalk button
 - press LH stalk button to scroll down, RH stalk button to scroll up
 - press and hold to select 'illumination', do the same to select 'manual'
 - there is now an extra dashboard screen - Illumination - where the level can be adjusted

Thanks for that, much appreciated.  love5   We ordered an English manual three weeks ago, they told us it would be here within a week.   :)   

And yep, I'm loving the V-Cross too, so pleased I chose it.  But with my mother in law up north of Khon Khan and our place near Buriram I'm putting a few KM on it.  Might even get close enough to 10,000km on this trip to get the first service out of the way.  :(  Then again, maybe I can talk SWMBO into an MuX in a few years for the smoother highway ride.   :)

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