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Phyathai Hospital
Phyathai consists of four hospitals; Phyathai 1 and 2 in the center of Bangkok, Phyathai 3 also in Bangkok but in the Thonburi area, Phyathai Siracha, located a short drive south from Bangkok and just outside Pattaya. Newly established international ward. Old specialized medicine is represented.
Thai Red Cross Society
The Thai Red Cross Society offers medical services at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. Blood transfusion services, eye and organ storage and allocation. Child support and disaster relief services.
Bangkok Christian Hospital, Silom Road
Bangkok Christian Hospital is one of the longest established general hospitals in Bangkok. It offers specialized medical treatment, both in–patient and out–patient. The hospital also offers modestly priced general check–up services.
Samitivej Hospitals
Samitivej Hospitals are a group of international class hospitals located in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide quality tertiary care, from cosmetic surgery to major operations such as open heart surgery and organ transplantations. Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital is located in soi 49, Sukhumvit Road.
Bangkok General Hospital
Bangkok Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Thailand providing tertiary healthcare. Bangkok Hospital has gradually expanded its network to many provinces and is now the flagship of a whole network of hospitals throughout the country: The Bangkok Hospital Group. The International Medical Center (IMC) at Bangkok Hospital is a department especially for foreigners, with a team of multi–lingual interpreters.
Bumrungrad International Hospital
Bumrungrad International Hospital is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. Southeast Asia`s largest private out-patient clinic, featuring 30 specialty clinics and over 600 physicians, 554 inpatient beds, and complete state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities.
Phuket International Hospital
Phuket International Hospital is a large hospital providing acute care hospital services. Specialty medical and surgical services are provided including cardiology, neurosurgery, extensive trauma care, hyperbaric medicine for diving emergencies, pediatrics, obstetrics, plastic surgery, Lasik eye treatment, dialysis and dental services.
Aikchol Hospital Public Co. Ltd.
Aikchol Hospital is located in Chonburi Province. Aikchol Hospital has various services such as advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and modern medical facilities, utilizing a wide range of medical technologies along with highly qualified specialists, medical teams, and nursing staff.
Nonthavej Hospital
With a full range of hi-tech medical equipment as well as medical experts in each specialized area, we now many specialized centers : Minimal invasive surgery, orthopedic center, heart center, diabetics center, respiratory center, gastrointestinal center, dental center, wellness center. Other specialized clinics. Located Nonthaburi.
Sikarin Hospital
Located on Srinakarin Road , Eastern Bangkok, Sikarin Hospital has 245 beds and provides full inpatient and outpatient services as well as 24 hour emergency services. In house ambulance service serves the busy Bangna-Trad Highway area.
Manarom Hospital
As the nation’s first and only private hospital for mental and behavioral health care, Manarom Hospital is committed to attain and enhance a leadership role in behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatric services. Located Sukhumvit Soi 70. Child and adolescent, geriatric services. Chemical dependency treatments.
Bangkok Adventist Hospital
Bangkok Adventist Hospital(BAH) has been present in Bangkok for more than 70 years. If provides primary care, emergency services, pediatrics, specialty services, community health classes. Our focus is on providing you and your family quality service and compassionate health care close to home. Located Phitsanulok road.
Mission Hospital Phuket
Mission Hospital Phuket exists to provide Christian healthcare services according to professional standards and quality in order ‘to make people whole’. Mission Hospital is a ‘not for profit’ medical service provider and forms part of the over 400 strong health service operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world.
Mahidol University – Ramathibodi Hospital
The Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital was opened in 1969. Ramathibodi Hospital serves 5,000 out-patients per day and has more than 1,000 beds for tertiary care of complicated and severely ill patients in various specializing departments and units. Sirikit Medical Center, serves as a center for modern research projects. The hospital is expanding further with a new and state-of-the-art medical center, named Theparal Medical center.
B.Care Medical Center and Spa
B.Care Medical Center is a fully-equipped private general hospital, located on Pahol Yothin Road, just 10 minutes from Don Muang Airport. The 150-beds institution is known for its expertise in alternative medicine and holistic treatment approaches. Besides conventional and alternative medicine, B.Care also operates a spa on its premises.
Bangkok Adventist Hospital, Phitsanulok Road
Also known as Mission Hospital, Bangkok Adventist Hospital is a general hospital with registered capacity of 200 beds, situated on Phitsanulok Road, Bangkok, and owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of Seventh–Day Adventists. The hospital is part of the worldwide Adventist health care network.
Bangkok Hospital Samui
Bangkok Hospital Samui is local health care facility. We provide a range of medical services and specialties, that include emergency and trauma care, surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, ear-nose-throat treatments, obstetrics and gynecology, neurosurgery, nephrology, psychiatry, cardiology and ophthalmology.
Chaophya Hospital, Bangkok Noi
Chaophya Hospital is a private hospital located in Thonburi, Bangkok. It offers general pediatric, medical and surgical services. Also traditional Chinese medicine. Adult stem cell therapy (still experimental, we think) is being promoted.
This is a living case history concerning the death of my 23 year old son who died at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok Thailand on 23 February 2006. [medical and legal terminology, ed.]
BNH Hospital, Convent Road, Bangkok
The BNH Hospital (Sathorn – Convent) is a modern 225-bed, hospital to international standards. The hospital provides service in both inpatient and out patient departments with physicians in every field of medicine available on 24 hours basis.
Praram 9 Hospital, Bangkok
Praram 9 Hospital is located on Praram 9 Road. It has the following departments : Medicine ; Surgery ; eye, ear, nose and throat department ; pediatrics ; obstetrics and gynaecology ; dental department ; rehabilitation department.
Siriraj hospital, Bangkok
The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital strives to be an excellent medical institute in Southeast Asia. We train quality graduates and medical staff who can provide ethical and up-to-date medical services in accordance with international standards. Also conducting medical research in a conducive academic atmosphere. Well reputed academic hospital in Bangkok, Thailand (ed.).
Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok
Vejthani Hospital is one of the most modern private hospitals in Bangkok. Most departments of our hospital are staffed with overseas–trained doctors and specialists who can ensure that communication is no barrier. Located on Ladprao Road, Bangkok.
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital is one of Thailand’s most modern medical centers. It offers 80 inpatient beds, 24 hours emergency service, and a full range of advanced facilities, including intensive care, obstetrics, x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, dental clinic, fully-equipped operating theaters and a physical therapy center.
Wattana International Clinic, Phuket
Wattana Clinic has the following treatment centers : General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dental Center, Hyperbaric Medicine, Rehabilitation Center, X–Ray Center. Located Patong, Phuket.
Ramkhamhaeng Hospital
With 350 beds and seven sister hospitals Ramkhamhaeng has the resources, experience and expertise to provide international quality health care at very competitive prices.
Vibhavadi Hospital, Bangkok
Vibhavadi hospital is a 350–bed private hospital since 1986. Present health care by team of specialists, available 24–hours 7 days, modern facilities, multi–lingual Foreigners Service Department. Located Ngamwongwan Rd. Jatujak, Bangkok.
Chiangmai Ram Hospital
Chiangmai Ram Hospital : Serving 1000 out-patients per day, 350 in-patients. Specialists in all fields available around the clock.
Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket
BPK boasts 42 full-time physicians across the spectrum of medical care and a further 50 on a consulting basis. Our goal of being the tertiary level hospital serving the southern region of Thailand is within sight. Part of Bangkok General Hospitals.
Saint Louis Hospital
St. Louis Hospital is a non-profit private hospital. We heal general patients–outpatients and inpatients–by specialists in every specialization and devoting nurses. (Sathorn Road, Bangkok)
Aek Udon International Hospital
Located in the NorthEastern Region of Thailand, Aek Udon International Hospital is the newest and largest private hospital in the region. It also consistently ranks as the best hospital in the region.
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital provides a broad spectrum of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for Thai and expat communities.(Pattaya City)