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Thep Nakorn Hotel

Address: 139 Moo 3 , Tambol E-sarn , Muang District , Buriram.Thailand 31000.
Tel: 044-613400/2

Price rates: 700-4200 Baht/ night.

Services: Thep-nakorn Hotel is the premier hotel in Buriram Town. The hotel offers 145 rooms guests rooms of all different standards from 700 baht for a single room to 4,200 baht a night for the deluxe suite. The Thep-nakorn Hotel offers a wide range of facilities such as , conference center , Thai traditional massage , Lobby bar , Beer garden , Spa and Fitness room , Restaurant which serves western and Japanese cuisine to a high standard , Snooker club , Karaoke lounge , a swimming pool and a large Otop souvenir shop. 

“Phanom Piman” (Rajabaht University) Hotel

Address: 439 Jira road, Muang Buriram.Thailand 31000.
Tel: 044-621205/6 Fax: 044-621207

Price rates: 500 ฿ /Night.

Services: Air conditioning, Heater, TV, Refrigerator, Cable TV.



Address: 1/141 Bulamduan road, Muang Buriram.Thailand 31000.

Tel: 044-601102 , 044-601103

Price rates: 260-500 ฿ /Night.

Services: Air conditioning, Hot Water, TV, Refrigerator, Cable TV.

Thai Hotel Buriram

Address: 38/1 Romburi road, Muang Buriram.Thailand 31000.

Tel: 044-611-112 , 044-611-132

Price rates: 240-600 ฿ /Night.

Services: Air conditioning, Hot Water, TV, Refrigerator, Cable TV.

Website: http://thaihotel-buriram.com/

Diamond Grand Hotel

Address: 254 Issan Sub district,Muang Buriram.Thailand 31000.
Tel: 044-625894 , 044-602222

Price rates: 400-1,400 ฿ /Night.

Services: Air conditioning, Heater, TV, Refrigerator, Cable TV.


Fheang Fha Palace Hotel

Address: 240/9 Jira Road, Muang Buriram.Thailand 31000.

Tel: 044-617112

Price rates: Single Bed 400 ฿ / Night, Double Bed & VIP 450 ฿ / Night.

Services: Air conditioning, Heater, TV, Refrigerator, Cable TV.




Lek Apartment

Adress: 444/44 Tanon Jira Rd,Muang, Buri Ram 31000

Tel: 044-625000, 086-2595000, 085-0177881

Price rates: 400 Baht.

Services: Free WiFi Internet connection,Cable TV,Air-con,Hot water. 

Rinradee place Rooms for Rent / Hotel

In this place there are rooms for daily/monthly periods.

Affordable prices, All rooms with Aircon and comfortable,fully furnished and with Security guard in place for 24 hours/day. Convenient location..

Address: 528/28 Khok Klang road. Nai muang Buriram, 31000 Thailand.

Price rates: Check In: 14:00pm. / Check Out: Before 12:00pm.

Daiy rates: Twin bed: Aircon 350 Baht  /Double bed: Aircon 390 Baht.

Monthly rates: Standard Room: 3500 Baht. / Deluxe Corner room: 3900 Baht.

Tel: 080-7973300, 081-6690570.

Email: rinradeeplace@gmail.com

“Ploy” Resort

Address: 6/11 Bulamduang Rd,Muang, Buri Ram 31000

Tel: 044-611554

Price rates: 540-1000 Baht.

Website: http://www.ployresort.com/

Services: Cable TV,Air-con,Hot water.


U-Jarern Services Appartment

Address: 1/110-112,Nahsathani Road. Naimuang, Mueang Buriram, 31000 Thailand.

Tel: 089-1036586, 044-620504-5 /  Fax: 044-601988 Ext.404

Price Rates: 350-580 Baht.

Website: http://www.petrimmool.com

Email: ar173@yahoo.com

Services: Well furnished rooms,Aircon,Hot water,TV, Refrigerator,Wifi Internet connection.

KLIM Coffee & Cuisine serves breakfast from 06.00 – 10.00 hrs. You can choose from American breakfast, breakfast set including congee or boiled rice or local breakfast or A La Carte menu. Famous local food like fried noodle, Tom Yum Kung and many delicious dishes are also available on your request. Moreover, the restaurant also has a wide range of beverage such as fresh espresso coffee, tropical fruit juices, beer and alcohol drinks. Free Wifi Internet is provided. Opens daily from 06.00 – Midnight (Last order @ 23.00 hrs.) with capacity of 60 people.   



Address: 20/5-7 PaladMuang Rd, Buriram 31000. (Opposite Swimming Pool).

Tel: 044-611976 , 081-8795060

Price Rates: Double bed 400-450 Baht, VIP 800 Baht. (April 2010).

Services: All rooms have Bathroom,A/C, TV (No cable, Thai channels only).

Paradise Resort

Address: 58/2 Soi Thani 9, Nai Mueang Buriram.

Tel: 044-602288-9 , Fax: 044-613140

Price Rates: Standard single room from 550 Bhat, Double from 750 B.

VIP: Single from 850 Baht include breakfast for two, Double from 1,100.

(January 2010).

Services: All rooms have Bathroom, Hot water, Fridge, Cable TV, A/C, Free Wi-Fi.

Grand Hotel

Address: 137 Niwas Rd, Nai Mueang Buriram. 

Tel: 044-611089 / 044-611179 . Fax: 044-612358

Price Rates: Single room from 220 B, Double from 260 B (January 2010).

Services: All rooms have Bathroom, Fan, Cable TV. A/C available in Double rooms only.

Chanthana Hotel

Address: 378 Moo 1 Senrobmuang Rd., Tumbon E-san, Amphur Mueang Buri Ram, Changwat Buri Ram 31000

Tel: 044-614942

Price Rates: 250-400 Baht.

Services: Aircon,Hot water,TV, Refrigerator.



Jintana Resort Buiram

A quiet place, surround by beautiful landscape design. Jintana Resort sits in the middle of Buriram City, within 10 minutes range you can reach any major attractions in the city.

Address: 416 Moo 8 Tambon Issan, Muang Buriram 31000

Tel: 044-620150, 089-1636026

Website: http://www.jintanaresort.com/

Price rates:  380-800 Baht per night.

Services: 29″ T.V with Cable network, Wireless Internet, Hot Shower, Air-Conditioner, King Size bed, Refrigerator, 24 Hours Room Service, Laundry Service.

Siam Orchid Hotel

Address: 29/12 Inchannarong Road, Tambon Nai Mueang, Buriram
Tel. 044-625519/ 22
Fax. 044-625520

Email: siamorchidhotel2007@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.siamorchidhotel.com/web/index.php

Services: Bathroom, Hot water, fridge, Cable TV, A/C, Free Wi-Fi & 2 computers with Internet are available in the lobby as well.


Niwas Hotel

Address: 89/10-12 Niwas Rd, Nai Mueang Buriram.

Tel:  044-611640

Price Rates: Single bed room: 80 Baht, Double bed: 100 Baht (January 2010).

Services: All rooms have Bathroom and Fan.

Maison Resort

Address: 160/1 Moo 10, Buriram-Nang Rong Rd, Tambon Isaan/Esaan.

Tel: 044-617114

Price Rates: Single room 350 B (January 2010).

Services: All rooms have Bathroom,A/C, TV (No cable, Thai channels only).

Siri Resort Buriram

Address: 555 Moo.7, Ban Huay, Isaan subdistrict, Muang district, Buriram 31000.

Tel. 044-690055

Fax. 044-690044

 Price rates

Standard Bungalow: Single: 399 Baht/ night.  Double: 450 Baht/ night.

Big 2 rooms Bungalow + Jacuzzi outside: 850 Baht/ night.


Luxury Lodging service, Swimming pool, Fitness and internet. All rooms with aircon, Hot water, TV, refrigerator.

Phuthep Resort Buriram

Address: 125 Moo.7, Buriram-Nangrong road, 3rd Km. Isaan subdistrict, Muang district, Buriram 31000.

Price rates

Standard: 380 Baht/ night. 

Deluxe: 520 Baht/ night.

Bungalow: 1200 Baht/ night.

Services: All rooms with aircon, Hot water, TV, refrigerator.

Tel. 044-690156

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