Thailand Weather and Climate


Thailand’s weather is influenced by the monsoon period that creates different seasons in the northern, central and the southern parts of the country. The climate is subtropical and normal temperature is between 26-34 degrees Celsius during day time.

Northern Thailand

The climate in northern Thailand is generally a little cooler than in other regions. Light clothing is recommended year-round during daytime. Between December and March, temperatures are high in the daytime, but it can be much colder at night, so we recommend you to be prepared with some warm cloths when the temperature drops. Very little rain falls during this time.

During the rain season, which occurs between May and September, there can be heavy rainfalls, even if the temperature remains rather high. We recommended you to buy an umbrella, if you don’t own one already, during this period. The humidity is high throughout the year except in the most mountainous regions.

The best time to visit northern Thailand is between December and May, when it is not raining that much.

Central Thailand

Central Thailand covers a massive land area and the climate can be very different. Light clothing is recommended here as well, especially as the humidity is still pretty high throughout the year. Between December and March, the weather is often very hot during the day, but in the evening the temperature drops. Very little rain normally falls during March and April, while in May you could see an increase, which is the start of the rainy season. This monsoon normally starts in June and remains until October, with many rather heavy rainfalls, as a result, but anyhow relatively high temperatures.

The best time to visit Central Thailand is generally between December and May, but remember that May can be little rainy.

Southern Thailand – the West Coast

The climate in southern Thailand is affected by the monsoon, but it is still relatively hot and humid throughout the year. Light clothing is recommended all year and an umbrella is almost a must during the “wet months”. During the rain season, which normally occurs between May and October, it may be ok to visit the west coast, because the rain can be relatively short-lived, with a lot of sunshine in between the showers. But September and October tend to exhibit greater rainfall and less sunny periods.

The best and most popular period to visit the West Coast is between November to April, when there normally are only a few days with rain.

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Generally speaking,the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February when the northeast monsoon is blowing cool, dry air which serves as a respite from the heat. During this cool season, the temperature ranges from 18ºC to 32ºC in Bangkok, while in northern and northeast Thailand, temperatures can get quite cool with morning temperatures as low as 8º C to 12º C with the occasional 20º C day. Nights can be particularly chilly and at high altitudes the temperatures can and do drop below freezing.

The summer period, or hot and dry season, is from March to June. At this time temperatures in Bangkok average around 34º C, but can often reach 40º C with the humidity levels of 75%.

Try and avoid April, unless you plan to be permanently submerged in the ocean, because this is the hottest month across the country.

From July to October is the monsoonal season when most of Thailand’s annual rainfall is accumulated. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29º C in Bangkok.

The monsoons finish when the wind direction changes, bringing dry weather from the northeast. At best this season can be described as unpredictable and not the constant downpour of rain like you would expect. The middle months of this season may hold particularly heavy rains for the north of the country.

Thailand weather summary: