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“Buriram Expats” Express Thai Visa Run 


  • Travellers without visa will get only 15 days of stay if they are arriving via a land border checkpoint from a neighbouring country, maximum of 4 renewals.
  • Travellers arriving via an international airport will obtain a 30 days stay.
  • For travellers arriving with valid Tourist/Non Immigrant Visa there will be no change to current procedure.

Why do you need a Visa Run?

Foreigners who come to Thailand normally will get a 30 days arrival visa in their passport. A 10 day extension can be done at immigration in Bangkok, but it will cost you 1,900 baht. This can almost ruin your day by queuing, traveling and handling all the paperwork with your passport at the Bangkok Immigration office. If you are willing to stay longer in Thailand, then you have to leave the country and return back again.

Where to go for a Visa Run?

Chong Chom / Osmach Border in Surin Province

Most foreigners in Buriram & Surin will go to The Cambodian border; The Chong Chom / Osmach Border in Surin Province, turn around and return back to Thailand on the same day.


Departure time: Your choice.

Buriram to Surin border: 1.5 hours.

Visa stamp: 30 minutes.

Surin border to Buriram: 1.5 hours.

All together it shouldn’t take longer than 4 hours and you back home!

This border check point is known to be quick, friendly and hassle free border crossing, whether you are doing your visa run, or crossing to go onwards to Angkor Watt.

There is the obliguatory Casino at Osamch, if you fancy wasting your money, plus a duty free if you need to stock up on cigarettes & Alcohol.

A border market is a few hundered metres away, though be warned there are stories of scams and pickpockets. If you buy the Cigarettes make sure that the seal is not broken, there have been stories of drugs being slipped into the Carton and with you crossing the border, you will be seen to be a drug Trafficker in the eyes of the Thai Authorities. That said these stories are rare, but it’s worth exercising caution.

Chong chom market

This is Chong chom market which is located about 5 km’s from the Chong chom border.
You can’t really miss this market as its on the main road when you drive from /to the Thailand-Cambodia border.
:) Enjoy shopping!! 

Visa Tour/Package – Buriram to savannakhet, Thai-Laos border.

If you plan to stay little bit longer and need extention of not longer than 3 months you will have to apply for a Tourist Visa.

 Savannakhet boder is the closest to Buriram area and issue (TR) Tourist visa SINGLE ENTRY ONLY.

That means you can get 2 months Tourist visa in the Thai cosulate in Savannakhet and can extent it INSIDE thailand at any immigration office for additional 1900 Baht.

This is the fastest and easiest way if you want to extend your stay in only 2-3 months extra.

“Buriram Expats” provide this service too and travelling to Mukdahan-Savannakhet Thai-Laos Border as well.

Take into account Visa proccess takes 2 days in total.


Arrival to Suvanakhet Laos border: 9:00am.

Application for Visa in the Thai consulate: Until 11:00am.

Stay 1 night in the border town Suvannakhet.

Day later around 14:00pm pick up your passport stamped with your TR (Trousit Visa).

Around 20:00pm back in Buriram, VIP service, hassle free guaranteed!

Please contact us to get more details and make your comfortable, quick “Visa Run” Booking with us.

But, If you do want to stay longer than 3 months, you should go

inside Laos (or any other country outside Thailand) and apply for

longer visa in the Thai embassy. 

In this case,the closest Thai embassy near Buriram is in Viantiane,Laos.

Visa Tour/Package – Buriram to


If you plan to stay longer you have to apply for a longer period Tourist Visa(Double/Triple Entry) or, if your employer provides the Documents, apply for a Non Immigrant Visa.  

Travel to the Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane/Laos is recommended.

Note: Be aware there were some reports on Vientiane Thai embassy not being favorite place to issue Non Immigrant visas, but still yet is good for the TR tourist visas issue (Double/Triple Entry).

From Buriram passing Udon Thani and onto Nong Khai is about 380 km  journey, all have nice main roads of 2 lanes on each side.
From the Thai Border at Nong Khai it is 22km to Vientiane.
The Friendship Bridge closes at 10pm.
Vientiane does have a Thai consulate but are not very cooperative in giving out multi entry visas of any sort, and even cause problems with non immigrant visas if you don’t have every bit of paperwork needed.

Next we need a Visa to get into Laos.

This is where you get your visa on arrival, if you got American Dollars then it is 30 dollars, If you pay in Thai Baht then it is 1,500baht, on the weekends and not normal working hours there is an extra levy of 100baht. Here there is a money changer, a good idea is to change your Thai Baht into Dollars and then pay for your visa in dollars, saves a few hundred baht.

The local currencey in Laos is the Kip and for 100baht= 26,500Kip.

After this you will have to pay an entry fee, 50baht for Thais with border passes and 10baht for farangs with passports.

For a tuk tuk into Vientiane and visit 3 destinations and back to the border it costs 600baht, an aircon taxi doing the same cost’s 800baht and a minibus 1,000baht.
A one-way ride from the border into Vientiane by tuk-tuk should be 100bt, a taxi 150bt, minibus 200bt, – well, this was last year.

Thai Baht (notes) are accepted almost everywhere in Vientiane.
The documentation that you need for the Thai Consulate in Vientiane is:

* A completed official Visa Application Form, from the Thai Consulate in Vientiane. You have to obtain this document upon arrival at the consulate. Or, if you are able to download it on your computer. Just make sure it’s from the Royal Thai Consulate in Laos and not the standard application form that is provided by the Thai Consulate or Embassy on their website. (I made the mistake of downloading the standard application and filling it in prior to arrival. Had to re-do it when I got to the consulate as they do not accept the standard form.)

2 Passport Size Photos. (These will be glued to the application form upon arrival at the consulate. The consulate provides the glue. You have to do the gluing. I would suggest that you bring your own gluing stick, from office depot, as 500 people are sharing eveything all at once at this consulate. )

* A copy of your Passport – face page only. (this is important as they were turning away people who did not have a copy of their Passport and making them go and make a copy.)

* Your original Passport.

** Don’t attach any other additional paperwork, forms, or copies of anything. Only the above is necessary and required. Additional paperwork just clutters up their processing.

The Royal Thai Embassy opening hours:

Office Hours : Monday to Friday 
  08.30 Hrs. – 12.00 Hrs. & 13.00 Hrs. – 16.30 Hrs.
Consular Section : Monday to Friday
  08.30 Hrs. – 12.00 Hrs. : Application for Visa
  13.00 Hrs. – 15.00 Hrs. : Distribution of Passports Affixed with AppropriateVisa
Weekly Holiday : Saturday – Sunday
Nationals of most Countries have to apply for the Laos Visa on Arrival, please prepare THB 1,600.-  for the Visa and entry stamp (Canadians THB 1,800.-) , except the following countries are free to enter LAOS: Japan, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.


  • Application Fees: payable direct at the Royal Thai Embassy: THB 2,000.- for any Thai Single Entry Non Immigration Visa.
  • Any Thai Tourist Visa will be issued, free of charge, until 31st March 2011.

Note: Your Passport, 3 passport-size Photo and 2 copies of your Passport are required, please ensure that your Passport is valid for at least 6 month prior to the Visa application and has 3-4 free pages!

Need to book a hotel in Vientiane?

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You will find list of the hotels with pricing, details and pictures. When you click on the hotel you want to know more about you will be taken to the booking site with the descriptions and pictures.

Visa Collection Next Day

Day later afternoon pick up your passport stamped with your TR (Trousit Visa).

Pay for a bus ticket to Nong Khai (40 Baht or 400 Kip).

The blue bus will take you to NongKhai and drop you off at the bridge.

Welcome to Thailand! Your Buriram-Laos Visa Run is over.

 “Buriram Expats” provide this service too and travelling to Nong Khai-Viantiane,Laos  (Thai-Laos Border) as well.

 Please contact us to get more details and make your comfortable, quick “Visa Run” Booking with us.

 *All documents need to be double checked before leaving to the border.

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What time to leave for a Visa Run?

* Do it your way,the fastest, comfortable and easy way to do a “Visa Run” trip.  

* With “Buriram Expats” Express Thai Visa Run Service You Choose the time  to do the Visa Run Trip!

* Pick up at your location is possible, Buriram & Surin area.

* Help from an experienced Expat with Visa consultation FREE.


Your Passport, 2 passport-size Photos and copy of your Passport are required! 

“Buriram Expats” always happy to help you with any enquiries.

Respectfully yours, “Buriram Expats” Team. sawadi

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