Pay with Paypal

“Buriram Expats” gives you the possibility of paying your reservation directly via the Web site, for the customers in Thailand, it is possible to carry out a payment on our Thai bank account or to pay  in our office directly.

It is a question of a system of payment in line which allows any person or entity in possession of a bank card or a Paypal account, of carrying out and of receiving payments in confidence. In the other hand, it constitutes the means more:

  • Simple: The sending of payment is carried out by a simple address email if you have an account paypal, or by your bank card.
  • Protected: You can éffectue your purchases without communicating your banking co-ordinates with a third person (for example if you pay us via the Paypal form, your co-ordinates banking will not be connect to us).
  • Fast: The payments are almost instant and much faster than the sending of accounts – cheques or others.
  • Advantages: The money sending is free and the professional tariffs are simple and advantageous.
  • World: PayPal allows the payments in sixteen currencies and more than 92 million accounts are open in 55 countries and areas of the world.

Note :

You can use the payment by PAYPAL
even if you don’t have a paypal account,
you will need just your credit card.

To proceed and make your online payment:

Please send us an email directly to check availability and get our PayPal details.


Respectfully yours, Buriram Expats Team.