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Soccer referee of the thai premier league has been attacked.


Buriram’s police has been informed by the soccer referee that they were attacked by unknown number of criminals who drove a 4 doors pickup, unknown brand and registration number.

The incident happened on the road that connect between Nong Bot sub-district – Hua Tanon sub-district road , Nang Rong district, Buriram province.

The criminals in the pickup attacked his car by shooting two shots on the rear bumper and one shot on the door of the driver side and two tires behind.

The soccer referee suspect the cause may be a group of football fans that were not satisfied with the Results of the football match between Buriram PEA F.C.(The Thunder Castle) – Osotspa Saraburi F.C.(M-Power) which the results were 2 – 0.


Buriram city, people joined the ceremony of philanthropy On Visakha bucha day.

Mr.Peerasak Hinmuangkao (the buriram province governor) together with buddhist people together give food offerings to a Buddhist monk with rice and dried food at the sermon hall in “Wat Klang” temple and prayed for peace and prosperity to the country and for themselves and their families.

Visakha bucha day is an important day in buddhism which it’s the day that Buddha was birth, enlightenment and nirvana (passing away).


Convention to encourage cultivate of a conscious mind, love and unity.

Mr.Pirasak Hinmuangkao has presided in the meeting of Teacher and Educational personnel in the auditorium of Rajabhat university.

More than 2,000 people attended the meeting and the Buriram province governer said the teachers are an important part to develop quality of children and youth to grow as a valuable human resource in the future. Especially during the time that the country is in crisis of conflict and disorganized which have been expanded broadly.

Therefore essential that teachers must accelerate cultivate of a conscious mind, love and unity to the students to learn to love the homeland and the nation in order to reduce and resolve conflicts and the divisions in society are occurring at this time and may occur in the future.

In addition, the governer also mentioned the issue of children and youth in the area of Buriram province, Problems such as having sex premature, assemblage and drugs has been brought up into discussion also. And ask for cooperation from the teachers and the parents of the students to surveillance, prevention to solve this problem to create a better future for children and youth.


Buriram created a weir to slow the flow of water in “Khao Kra Dong” mountain.

Buriram military cooperated with “Khao Kra Dong” national park, local administrative organization and school has led troops, officials, teachers and students to create a weir to slow the flow of water in the “Kao Kra Dong” mountain at Samet sub-district, Muang district, Buriram province to restore moisture to the forest and create a balance to the natural resources and environmental sustainability.

This will also help to reduce dryness and bring water source for the wildlife.

In addition, this also growing awareness of the importance of forests and water resources to the public.


Large number of people fishing at the 4th moat of Buriram city.

Buriram municipality has cooperated with the Lak Muang community held up Fishing events at the 4th moat, before the municipality will be pumping out the water to restored and improve to be a lido and exercise and make it an ancient tourist attraction of Buriram associated with “Phanom Rung Historical Park” which it’s attractions of the ancient Khmer civilization.

In addition, Mr.Parinya Samanprathan, the Former President of the Provincial Administration Organization Council of Buriram province said this activity is not only creating harmony but also an income from the sale of ticket that will be use for community development and helping rural poor families.


Buriram requested budget for canalize to solve drought problem.

After Buriram province were declared disaster areas affected by drought every year. The province has called related agencies meetings to assess the situation and find solutions to these problems.

The meeting has approved to file request a proposed budget of 509,557,000 baht from the Ministry of Interior to dredging operations the shallow canal.

There are 371 projects of water storage solution for consumption and farming throughout the year, which will resolve the drought problem permanently.

In addition, also has approved to make a request the proposed budget of 33,000,000 baht in order to purchase a water container supports.

A fiberglass water tank 2000 liter size to be distributed to farmers in areas experiencing water shortage, consumer of 241 villages.

Mr.Serm Chainarong (The Deputy Governor of Buriram Province) said its expected that the drought situation will be longer this year more than usual, therefore enjoin the agencies involved and will be monitoring the situation and help people who suffer water shortage consumption in person.


Volunteers and youths drop Abate sand to prevent mosquitoes.

Buriram Municipality has cooperated with the community leaders, volunteers and students all together about thousand of people have out to survey in order to educate people and drop “Abate” sand (tempos sand granules) in the water containers in temples, schools, government buildings and homes to prevent mosquitoes from breeding which may bring dengue vectors to spread disease to humans especially during the begin of this rainy season as its in risk to have outbreaks of dengue fever.

The statistics this year of Buriram province has found 295 patients with Dengue hemorrhagic fever and 1 died.

Statistics are higher than last year.


Buriram has organized a horse patrol at national forest reserves “Dong Yai”.

Mr.Phirasak Hinmueangkao (Buriram province governor) has presided over the opening

of a project called “Horse patrol preserve natural resources and environment” at the “Thepharak” operating base, Ban Lam Nangrong, Lam Nangrong sub-district, Non Din Daeng district, Buriram province. By the frontier police officers with the forestry officials will riding horse patrol in the area to patrol woods in order to prevent and suppress prevention of illegal deforestation and hunting in the area of national forest reserves “Dong Yai”.

“Dong Yai” has been announced by the organization of UNESCO as a world natural heritage. The area is more than 195,480 rai of land.


Summer storm crashed into Buriram province region, 200 houses has been damaged and 1 died.

Mr.Sopon Jareonporn (Head of The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Buriram province) said that the summer storm has crashed into the region of Chum Hed sub-district, Khok Wat sub-district and Isan sub-district which have been heavy rain and strong winds which two hundred houses had been damaged or destroyed and one car damaged from tree collapsed and at Chalerm Prakiat district has one person died from a house collapsed. Which currently is under evaluation survey damage and will be present to the Province Governor to consider it to be declared as a disaster area and arrange assistance to the victims.


Social & Employment office of Buriram province supply training and jobs.

Social & Employment office of Buriram province see increase demand for job and training.

Lately the office helped to more than 700 people to find new jobs.


New rules of city water effect.

Since the drought and summer season the consumption of water in Buriram province has been increased by 10% upper than last year.

Some people forget to pay the bills on time, or have financial difficulty to pay the bills on time, the new policy is to cut the water supply for people late to pay the bills in order to save money and water for the country, until now there are more than 1000 raw suits on this issue.

The government and city water department request people to use water in smart saving way and please pay the bills on time.


20 illegal workers caught along with 1952 Amphetamine(Yaba) drug pills in Buriram.

After a long investigation along with the cooperation of Bangkok police.

Prakhon Chai police caught a pick up at Tako Ta Pi, Prakhon Chai, with no license plate which they stopped to check, revealed 20 illegal workers from Laos in the pick up hiding, and 2000 drug pills of Yaba.

The driver has confessed and all the illegal immigrants workers arrested.


Buriram Army base summer regulations.

Buriram army base has announced on new summer training rules which are to help prevent soldiers from collapsing during the training in under the sun.

The weather is very hot these days and has reached up to 38 degrees.

The new rules saying have to check the health of each soldier before the training and when practice need to do the training in the shad if possible, and let the soldiers to drink water often to prevent their body to become drought.


The annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Buriram.

The annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony is to bring good luck to the farmers and the land. At the beginning of the ceremony, the monk will pray for good harvest.

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is very important and it is a prosperous ceremony to encourage all the farmers.

The ancestral masters had set the rule that the ceremony must be performed on the best day of the year, comprising the auspicious occasions as stated in the treatise of astrology.

This particular day must also be in the sixth month and the traditional auspiciousness is based on the lunar calendar.


Parents protest at Nong Tat school to ban teacher.

Parents at Nong Tat village,Non Tat sub district, Buriram, protest and demand one teacher at school to be banned or resign of duty because of a story / case of theft at school which this teacher, in order to reveal the real thief, made the children to swear they didn’t commit the theft and drink dirty water (black magic “blessed”) in a claim that if they were saying the truth they will be ok, but if one of them were lying, the “special” dirty water will make them die.


A statue of Buddha was placed in Wat Pho, Ban Yang,Buriram.

The statue was placed to honor the King and to respect the old people,and as protection.

There were about 1000 people participating the ceremony of placing the new Buddha statue including “Wiboon Thammathirat Pirom” collage.


An accident with an anonymous lady with the train in Buriram.

The lady is around 40 years old and its not clear if she wanted the train to hit her to commit suicide or it was an accident.

The case is under investigation.


Summer storm has damaged “Satuk Biomas” factory in Satuk, Buriram.

The factory warehouse has collapsed while around 100 workers inside.

The damaged is estimated to be 20 million Baht and the factory is insured so the insurance will cover the damage,however, it will take more than 2 months to repair which will cause many losses to the factory.

This is the second time the factory experience big damages from storm, as it happen to them in year 2006 as well, at that time caused them 30 million Baht damages.

More than 200 workers stopped to work until all repairs and safety check will be complete.


A box of bullets of M-16 gun was found in the river of Nai Muang Buriram province.

The box that was found is from steel and the bullets are unusable and very old and rusty.

The head of Buriram province police station has started investigation to check how the bullet box has arrived to the river and the assumption is they carried away with the wind and rain.

The subject is still under investigation as the police suspect somebody brought the box to heat Buriram area as to the current political situation in Bangkok.


Cantaloupe Farm has seriously affected from the drought.

Farmers at Ban Nong Suang, Salang Pan subdistrict, Lam Plai Mat district, Buriram province has been grievously affected from the drought which have affected on their Cantaloupe farm and also facing with the problem of a Moina outbreak that absorbing water from the young leaves of cantaloupe which cause leaves kink and not fully grown which cause damage to more than 30 percent of planted area of more than 30 rai.

In the past there were 53 farmers growing cantaloupe but presently left only 10 farmers.


Billboard advertisements demolition order.

Mr. Phirasak Hinmueangkao (Buriram province governor) has cooperate with sub district administration organization and municipalities issued orders to demolition the Billboard advertisements which were damaged on the roadside, intersections and various public places to prevent the storm blowing the Billboard advertisements that might cause the houses damage and might be dangerous for people and adjust the landscapes to develop the city to be a clean and beautiful city to attract tourism.


Corpse found floating in “Lalom” moat.

At “Lak Muang” community, Muang district, Buriram province the villagers has found an anonymous male corpse in “Lalom” moat, age between 35-40 years old, name is unknown and not found any document, have only pants without shirt, no traces of wounds from being attacked. The police assumed the cause of death that he might been spasm while swimming to release the heat and drown to death.


Elephant food shortages in Satuk province, Buriram.

Severe drought had badly affected on the elephants in Tha Muang subdistrict, Satuk district, Buriram province that are facing a severe shortage of food and water.

The elephants owner were taking the elephants to the city to sell bananas and sugar cane to have an income to buy food to feed the elephants for survival during the drought situations.

In addition, the elephants owners are demanding help from government to plant crops to feed the elephant and create a Tourist attraction in the province in order for both people and elephants have a job for living.


Dengue fever outbreak. 271 Patients has been found and 1 died.

Mrs.Nipa Sutthipan from Buriram Provincial Health Office said a situation of dengue hemorrhagic fever soaring continuously ,from the began of the year until now (within only 4 months) have patients with dengue fever that came into the treatment to a variety of hospitals of Buriram province.

Approx 271 cases already and 1 died.

If compared with the same period of last year found that number of patients in this year are sharp increase of more than one times higher than last year.

Most of the patients are between the age group of 5-14 years old. The district with the most outbreaks are: Na Pho district, Ban Dan district, Huai Rat district, Chumni district and Nong Ki district.


The Royal Cremation Ceremony of Brave soldier.

Mr.Pirun Phaewponsoing has presided in the Royal Cremation Ceremony of Mr.Narong Sala, a soldier who passed away on April 28th 2010 from incident of collision in the assembly in Bangkok.

In addition, there were Mr. Issara Somchai (Minister of Social Development and Human Security) and Mr.Peerasak Hinmuangkao (Buriram Province Governor) and Mr.Vichai Shairjawhaw ( Military Commander of Buriram province), Officials and many people (Around 1,000 person).

Money given for an initial contribution to the family about 2 million Baht.


Farmers flock to sell rice for the payment of tuition fee and education equipments.

The farmers at Satuk district, Buriram province flock to sell their major rice stock and off-season rice to the Rice Mill, approx 150 tons per day (Usually only 30 tons per day). Rates are: 13,000 baht per Ton for the Major rice and 7,250 baht per Ton for the Off-season rice.

The reason that farmers sold a lot of rice in this month is to be able to pay the tuition fee and education equipments for their children when the school will be open during the middle of this month because the money from the project “15 years of government-sponsored free education” is not enough for all of the expenses but it can only reduce the cost of family expenses.


Old woman found dead in creek “Huay Jaw Ra Kea Mak”.

The body was found in creek name “Huay Jaw Ra Kea Mak” of Tambon Isan (Isan subdistrict), Muang district,Buriram province. The body was found is Mrs.Sawat Sutam, 62 year-old and from the initial inspection found that no traces of wounds from being attacked.

The police assumed that cause of death might be because of a very hot weather that might caused her a debility and dizzy and she fell into the creek.


Patrol unit of animal protection organization in Nong Din Daeng.

Patrol unit of animal protection organization in Nong Din Daeng district,Buriram in Dong Yai National Forest are worried

about the safety of animals living in the open forests of Buriram area. There are approximately 200 animal species in risk,

especially Tigers, Elephants, Bison and Bear and other rare wild animals.

The problem is because of the drought weather, all the animels go out of their hiding places in the forest to find water and food.